UCLA Written Chinese Corpus (UCLA2)

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The UCLA Written Chinese Corpus is designed as a Chinese counterpart for the FLOB and Frown corpora of British and American English for contrastive research, as well as a recent update of the Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese (LCMC) for diachronic studies of possible changes in written Chinese over the past decade. Since this period is of special significance because of the impact of the Internet on language, especially on Chinese, the corpus is an excellent complement to LCMC.

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Language(s) :

written modern Chinese

Types : monolingual corpus
Domain : Press: reportage Press: editorials Press: reviews Religion Skills, trades and hobbies Popular lore Essays and biographies Miscellaneous: reports and official documents Academic prose General fiction Mystery and detective fiction Science fiction Adventure stories Romantic fiction Humour
Size : one million words
Developer : Hongyin Tao Richard Xiao
Availability : Free
Update: 2012