The ZJU Corpus of Translational Chinese (ZCTC)

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It is designed as a translational counterpart of the Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese (LCMC), a one-million-word balanced corpus representing native Mandarin Chinese. The LCMC and ZCTC corpora have been built by following comparable sampling criteria and the same sampling techniques, and they have been processed using the same tools to ensure maximum comparability.

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Types : monolingual corpus
Domain : Press: reportage Press: editorials Press: reviews Religion Skills, trades and hobbies Popular lore Biographies and essays Miscellaneous: reports and official documents Science: academic prose General fiction Mystery and detective fiction Science fiction Adventure and martial arts fiction Romantic fiction Humour
Size : 1,021,449 tokens
Developer : Richard Xiao (PI) Lianzhen He Ming Yue
Availability : Free
Update: 2010