Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese

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The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese (LCMC) addresses an increasing need within the research community for a publicly available balanced corpus of Mandarin Chinese. LCMC has been constructed as part of a research project undertaken by the Linguistics Department, Lancaster University. The corpus is designed as a Chinese match of the Freiburg-LOB Corpus of British English (FLOB), and, as such, will provide a valuable resource for contrastive studies between English and Chinese as well as a sound basis for monolingual investigations of Chinese.

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Mandarin Chinese

Types : monolingual corpus
Domain : Press: reportage Press: editorials Press: reviews Religion Skills, trades and hobbies Popular lore Biographies and essays Miscellaneous: reports and official documents Science: academic prose General fiction Mystery and detective fiction Science fiction Adventure and martial arts fiction Romantic fiction Humour
Size : 1 million word
Developer : Linguistics Department, Lancaster University
Availability : Free
Update: 2008